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  2. Welcome to Dongguan Pacific Casting Tool Manufacturer Co.,Ltd

    Dongguan P.C.T Manufacturer Co.,Ltd
    Address: Huiying International Mould Market D04-3,Hengli Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China
    Tel: 86-769-81177528 ext 616
    contact:Baggio Tan(Oversea Sales Leader)
    Email: pcttan@sina.cn

    Dongguan Pacific Casting Tool Manufacturer Co., Ltd is ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified designers & builders of metal stamping dies & assemblies. Focus on design, manufacture casting transfer, progressive and tandem dies for automotive body panel, inner & outer parts. The company is rich in technical forces, and has educated, skilled and experienced enterprising technical team. By using the internationally-advanced tool & die manufacturing technologies and software, the company has realized the integration of tool & die software of CAD, CAM and CAE, and introduced reverse engineering, 3D solid modeling, which has greatly improved the design and manufacturing precision of dtool and dies, and minimized the development duration. The production capability of the company has been improving year by year. The company has a full range of common equipment, such as 9 advanced large N/C milling machines imported from Taiwan and 4 die tryout press which max table size is 5000*2500mm. The annual output can reach 2500 tons.
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